‘Sammy’ drops by to say hello to Stratford

Author Jonathan Miller brings “The Adventures of Sammy” wonder dachshund to the Olson Library

Jonathan Miller, the author and illustrator of “The Adventures of Sammy” was the visiting author in the Olson Library on April 24 and read his books to kids from Pre-K to fifth grade.

Mr. Miller has written four books about Sammy the Wonder Dachshund. They are “Sammy’s Last Week in Charleston,” “Sammy on Safari,” “Sammy in Space” and “A History of Wonder Dachshunds.”

He grew up in Charleston, South Carolina and used many ideas from experiences in his childhood in his writing.  He started by layering paper and it soon formed into the ideas that he used to create these bright, colorful images. He continues to use this same process to create Sammy the Wonder Dachshund.

Jonathan Miller continues to travel reading books to young kids in schools around the country.