I still worry about my family, back home in China


China was the first country infected by the coronavirus and the situation is getting tougher.

When I heard this news, I was really worried about my parents, and I called them every day because they live in Beijing, China.

Although the first city infected was Wuhan, the spreading speed was fast since it takes less than a day to drive from Beijing to Wuhan. Also, the coronavirus can pass through the air and people. If one person gets sick and does not know iot, there is a big possibility of getting others sick.

When I realized the severity of this event, I called my parents and told them to not go outside and reduce the time going to a dense crowd. 

 The person I worried most about was my father because he has a problem with his heart, and he is the person who communicates with different people all the time. I was afraid of him having any problem.

Also, I worried about my parents so much because I am not in China now, which means I can not look at them every day. Although I called my father several times, I knew he still went outside with his mask.

Sometimes, I was angry with him because he always promised me, but never did it. I saw he was outside several times through the camera when we had video calls. Once, I shouted at him, “Do you want money or your life?”

At that time, there were some people already infected in Beijing. I said I do not want him only to make money rather than taking care of his health. I told him I just wanted to make sure everyone is OK. I felt sorry to shout at him, but I want him to pay more attention to his health. Later, I created a group chat for my family, so they could sign in every day. And then I could know they are safe. 

Sometimes, I was angry with (my father) because he always promised me, but never did it. I saw he was outside several times through the camera when we had video calls. Once, I shouted at him, ‘Do you want money or your life?’”

— Daisy Ge

One night, I sent a video call to my mom and she told me she had at least two weeks to not go to work because of coronavirus, but they had to sign in every day. The thing she struggled with was falling asleep every night. She wanted to go back to work, but she did not know when the coronavirus would get better. I think probably because she didn’t work for a long time, also, she had nothing to do every day.  She always wanted to take a break, and now, her dream came true. However, she yearns for work now. She does not want to stay in the room anymore. She told me she already reduced the number of times she goes out, but sometimes she has to buy food and drinks with her mask. At the end of the video call, she told me to buy some masks, sanitizer, and medical gloves. . 

After the video call with my mom, I called my dad. He said he was fine now and started to work earlier than my mom because he ran a security company. When I called him, he was driving and ready to go to a university to check the staffs’ work. I didn’t know what I should say to him because he never listens to me. The only thing I  could say is to take care of himself. I talked about my concerns, but my father said everything would be fine. He spoke about the SARS event in 2003 in China. It had an enormous impact on people. He told me there was a myriad of people who died at that time, but we still pulled through it. Therefore, this time we also can overcome it, but just in time. 

Recently, there are more people infected in America and there are now a growing number of cases in Georgia, including Macon. I felt I should do something and I bought a box of medical gloves, five packs of N-95 masks, and a bottle of sanitizer. When my parents heard the news, both of them called me and said the same thing that I said to them before. My mom mentioned the number of people infected with coronavirus increased again because there are people who come back to work. Thus, she had to stay home for a while.

The worst thing is I do not know is whether I can still go back to China this summer because the situation is really tough, and everything is unknown. If I can’t, I will be sad because I have not seen my family for about eight months, and I miss them so much. Also, I worry about college because if I can go back to China, can I still back here and continue my college life.

Now, the only thing I can do is keep myself safe and have a video call with my parents every week. And our school already took action for the coronavirus to protect us. I hope all the countries can fight against the coronavirus and pull through tough situations.