Birthmark leaves part of me ‘legally blonde’

People tell me I’m a real-life Anna from ‘Frozen’ My hairdresser even submitted my photograph to a website.


Have you ever seen a real-life Anna from the movie “Frozen”? That’s me.

Ever since I was born on August 25, 2004, I have had a blonde strand of hair in contrast to the rest of my dark brown hair. This “freak” streak is considered my birthmark.

An uncommon mark has its perks. I always have a great fun fact answer right off the” top of my head.”  Every year at Camp Merri-Mac in Black Mountain, North Carolina, all of my cabin mates know it well by now after eight years.

Having a blonde piece of hair juxtaposed by my dark majority hair color appears peculiar at times. Everywhere I go, people ask me if I dyed a single piece of my hair blonde. I usually laugh while responding that it is just my birthmark. They then respond by telling me I am a real-life Anna from “Frozen”.

This is even more ironic since my name is Anna. And I was “Anna” first … nine years before the movie came out.

Everywhere I go, people ask me if I dyed a single piece of my hair blonde. I usually laugh while responding it is just my birthmark.”

— Annabeth Tarbutton

My “stripe” seems to truly leave some in awe, such as the nice lady who cuts my hair. She always tries to convince me I should change my hair part to fully display the blonde streak. 

Once, she actually convinced me to change my part. She also insisted on taking some pictures. I thought nothing of the snapshots until about a year later when I became interested in others with the same birthmark. 

I looked up hair birthmarks only to find a website on Woman’s World” called, ‘20 Hair Birthmarks So Beautiful You’ll Swear They Were Salon Made,’ with my photograph. I was immediately dumbfounded and hit refresh to confirm what my eyes were seeing. It was verified, I was on the website along with 19 other people with cool hair birthmarks. 

Although the birthmark appears white in the winter, the summer brings out the blonde. I am told that I could just change my hair part for an occasional blonde highlight look. 

I am “Legally Blonde” … although not completely.