Happiest when I am wetting a hook somewhere


I thoroughly enjoy fishing. 

My favorite type is bass fishing because you have to be very precise and you can’t just throw a bait and catch one. But when you catch one you also get to enjoy a very fun fight with the fish. 

When you catch other freshwater fish such as bream or crappie, you can reel them in easily unlike bass. To catch bass, you can use many different types of lures or live bait. My least favorite lure to use is called a jerk bait. A jerk bait has six hooks on it and looks long and skinny. 

I don’t like using these because I never have had much success with them. My favorite lures are spinner baits and soft plastics. Soft plastics are shaped as worms or lizards and sometimes baby brush hogs. 

They come with no hooks and you have to add a hook and bullet weight to it. My favorite brand of soft plastics is called Googan Baits. My favorite Googan bait is called a “Bandito Bug.”  It looks like a crawdad but comes in many different colors.  My favorite color of worm to use is green with red flakes.

Some of my favorite memories come from fishing.”

— Lawson Cole

My favorite time of the year to fish is spring and summer. September, March and April are my months of choice. When I go fishing at these times of the year I love to throw spinner baits. My favorite color spinner bait is yellow and white mixed with a gold blade. The blade adds the flashes to the bait as well as the sound. (The flashes cast light or motion in the water to attract fish)

You can fish spinnerbaits in all types of water. When I go fishing, I have a couple of ponds and lakes in Forsyth and Macon where I can go wet a hoo I always catch fish in my other ponds in Sandersville and McRae. 

Some of my favorite memories come from fishing. One was when I was fishing with my friend Jackson, and I was on Facetime with my cousin Howard. I was  not paying attention. A fish bit my worm. When I saw my rod tip move I yanked the pole and started to reel. When I got the fish to the side of the boat it was a 7-pounder, and I was very excited.

That was some catch of the day.