(Almost) everything you need to know about scholarships


Gazebo Photo by Annie Shih

Junior Shaw London reviews information about scholarships.

As you reach the last years of high school, you might begin looking for college scholarships whether they are merit-based, need-based, or a combination of both. 

But where do you turn for help?

“This is not the kind of stuff you hear on TV,” said Mrs. Martha Eubanks, Stratford’s director of college counseling.

When writing any scholarship application, students should always try to distinguish themselves from other applicants. They should include activities that make themselves stand out. If there is an essay, they should write about things they are passionate about. They should always make sure to proofread their essays to appear as professional as possible. 

The first type of merit scholarship is offered by colleges. Usually, Ivy League schools do not offer these scholarships, but other colleges typically do. They consider different aspects of the students for different scholarships. Some are based solely on GPA and SAT scores while others read essays and consider extracurriculars. Also, students must fill out a separate application for some scholarships, but they are considered for others by just applying to the school. 

The second type of scholarship is an outside scholarship. Such scholarships consider students nationwide. Therefore, they are extremely competitive. Big corporations such as Sam´s Club, Tylenol, and Coca-Cola. The amount offered by these scholarships can vary. 

It is not recommended to apply to many of these scholarships because they are extremely competitive.  

Don’t waste time on those, it is more productive to concentrate the effort towards different scholarships

— Mrs. Martha Eubanks.

“Don’t waste time on those, it is more productive to concentrate the effort towards different scholarships,” Mrs. Eubanks said.

She recommends and encourages students to find a better way to obtain outside money. One way is through Macon’s Community Foundation. Several families and companies have established merit-based and need-based scholarships through this program. For this type of scholarship, the applicant is generally asked why they need the scholarship and their career goals.

In addition to this, there are many writing contests that offer money to winners. These scholarships are easier to obtain than many others and can add up to a significant amount of money. 

To find out more about scholarships, visit the college or university of interest’s website or consider paying a visit to the college office for a list showing scholarships students in the past have received.