Duck Duck Shoot

Duck hunting is a passion for senior Lawson Cole


Duck hunting is a huge passion of mine. I love the feeling of getting up three hours before daylight and putting on my waders to go hunting. 

The feeling of having hundreds of ducks flying above you three minutes before shooting light is one of the best feelings in the world. You want to fire your gun at one of them so bad but you know you have to wait a few more minutes. 

When the time has passed, and it is officially shooting light,  it is on. You get to sit there and pick out your ducks. You get to shoot a mallard instead of a ring neck. The big birds and divers start flying late so if you can bear the cold you get a reward. 

The federal limit for ducks hunting is six birds a day. That seems like a small amount but it is the best six shots of your day. You do not want to get caught breaking the law while hunting them. 

My favorite places to hunt are Middle Georgia and New Madri, Missouri. New Madrid is located right next to the Mississippi river and near the Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee border. My favorite part about hunting in Missouri is seeing the way duck hunting changes from place to place. 

In Georgia I don’t have to use a duck call very much and we sit in the blind until 10 a.m. But in Missouri at North Delta Duck Club duck calls are a must and you should be prepared to eat breakfast and stay in the blnd till noon.The experience you get at a hunting camp like that is unbelievable. It’s a bunch of guys that have the same interest as you that want to kill ducks and have a good time the rest of their day. 

The Mississippi River Delta is my favorite place to hunt out of all the places I have been. The geography and marsh land harvest some great duck hunting and even better people. The hardest challenge of hunting in Missouri from Macon is the drive. It takes around eight and a half hours to drive the 550 miles from Macon to New Madrid Missouri. Duck hunting is a huge passion of mine and I am ready to see what the future duck season has in store for me.