STRATFORD’S GOT TALENT: The show must go on …

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Lily Howe

By DEEP PATEL, Gazebo Assistant Editor

After some uncertainty at the beginning of the school year, the curtain is about to go up on the annual Stratford Talent Show.

Thanks to efforts by the junior class, it will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 27 at 7 p.m. at the Henry Tift Fine Arts Auditorium.

In the fall, when it appeared there might not be a talent show, junior class presidents Lily Howe and Kat Boswell strongly voiced their opinions to the administration.

“A lot of people came to Kat and me, upset about the cancellation,” said Howe. “So, as class representatives, we took the initiative to go to Mrs. Margaret Brogdon (upper school principal) and said everyone wanted it back, and that we would take the bulk of the work.”

Boswell said the talent show has been in Stratford’s tradition for as long as she can remember.

“This was [their] chance to perform the junior girls dance,” she said.

Their hard work paid off. According to upper school Spanish teacher, Aimee Grisham, steps like this taken by the students greatly assured the administration.

“The fact that students were willing to take on responsibility themselves played a big role in the administration allowing a talent show for juniors,” Grisham said.

Here is the program for Wednesday’s show.

Act One:

“Falling Slowly” – Walker Gibbons and Conner Hefner

“Skinny Love” – Cameron Walsh and J.R. Gumarin

“Ex’s & Ohs” – Lily Howe, Anna Katherine Boswell, and Paul Jerles

“Oh Believer” – Shawn Shivdat and Sarah Kate Sellers

“Feel Like This” – Walker Gibbons

“Unwritten” – Ashlee Francis


Act Two:

“God Bless the USA” – Aaron Arnold, Jake Edwards, Nathan Dillard, and Kevin McGean

“Love Yourself” – Conner Hefner, Jack Renfroe, and Ally Parker

“Cannon in D” – Michelle Tang and Jocelyn Tang

“Jazz Improv” – J.R. Gumarin

“Say” – Ginny Anne Pinson and Abby Henry

“Defying Gravity” – Savannah Alday and Jessica Minchew

Junior Girls Dance