Academy gets in the spirit

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Poster promoting Spirit Week. (Photo by HADLEY NEAL, Gazebo Staff)

By HADLEY NEAL, Gazebo Staff Writer

Spirit Week begins on Monday, Jan. 25 at Stratford.

Here are the themes the Student Activities Board (SAB) has selected.

FLAG UP: On Monday, students can ditch the school pullovers and uniforms in favor of USA attire to show American pride. 

FRAT UP: Students will be allowed to dress in “frat” clothing on Tuesday. Examples are chubbies, wallabies with tall socks, bow ties, button-downs or fraternity shirts, and visors.

GROW UP: On Wednesday, Stratford will no longer have teenagers for seven hours. Everyone will go to their 8-to-3 “jobs” dressed in business-wear or whatever clothing their dream job’s employees wear. (If you had rather dress as an elderly person, you can do that, too.)

WAKE UP: Stratford has a rare late start on Thursday (advisory begins at 10 a.m.), so students will be allowed to wear their comfy-cozy pajamas while at the academy.

SQUAD UP: On Friday, students will squad up with their respective grades. Freshmen can come dressed in orange, sophomores in blue, juniors in green, and seniors in pink. The staff and faculty will wear white. The grade with the highest participation will earn a free dress-down day the following week.