New scholarship established in memory of Murray Nixon

(Photo courtesy of Nixon family)

By HADLEY NEAL and ANNA PAREL, Gazebo Staff Writers

Stratford Academy and the family of 2015 graduate Murray Nixon have chosen to celebrate the life of Nixon, who was killed in a tragic automobile accident three days before Christmas.

A new scholarship has been named in her honor. The announcement was made on Thursday, Feb. 18, which would have been her 19th birthday.

The scholarship was made possible by Murray’s friends and family. It will be awarded in the spring to a student who shares some of her greatest attributes.

According to Kathleen Medlin, the school’s director of institutional advancement, those qualities include dependability, being conscientious, and having a diligent approach to academic responsibilities. Other requirements include being encouraging, supportive, and generous.

A press release issued by the school said the recipient also must be eager and unselfish in his or her efforts to participate in school projects and extracurricular activities, willing to contribute in any manner to a class, team, group or project, and they most definitely have to be approachable, caring, engaged and a committed member of the student body.

“Murray Nixon was a charming, compassionate and beautiful young lady,” the school said in its release. “Teachers and coaches found her to be conscientious and hard-working, with a true desire to learn and understand concepts. Friends and family members knew Murray as fiercely loyal and someone who genuinely and freely gave of herself to them. The Stratford community embraced Murray for her engaging personality, contagious laugh that brightened every room she entered and the ways she made those around her laugh. She was able to make the most of her time at Stratford by unselfishly and joyfully pouring herself into her school work, her chosen activities, and all those around her.’’

According to Kelly Solomon, Murray’s cheerleading  coach, she was an extraordinary person whose personality lifted those around her.

“She was loyal, dependable, and proud,” Solomon said. “Murray’s sparkle and shine while she was in a Stratford cheerleading uniform is what I will remember about her cheerleading days. She loved being a part of our group and did not ever, ever make me think that she was anything but joyful about all of it! When sweet girls like Murray have a positive attitude and outlook, it is contagious and so very valuable to a group.  I will always remember those qualities about Murray and I will appreciate them as her gift to Stratford and to me, personally.”