Feathered friend

Eagle mascot flying high again


Gazebo Photo by Charles Upshaw

The Eagle hams it up for the TV camera at a Stratford football game.

Nate Jones, Gazebo Staff Writer

Most of the athletic teams at Stratford did well last year, but there was always something missing.

The Eagle mascot.

No student stepped forward to volunteer to wear the outfit at Stratford sporting events and school functions.

This year, the Eagle is back after sophomore Rushabh Patel volunteered.

“I have wanted to be the mascot since last year but I didn’t have time,’’ he said. “We haven’t had a mascot since Raj Patel, and I wanted to carry on the Patel legacy. And also because I have so much Eagle Pride.”

As you can imagine, children get excited when they see the Eagle. They “flock” to him.

“A lot of kids jump on me,and some even punch me, but they always love to see the Eagle,’’ said Rush.

It has been very hot this football season and it also heats up in the Eagle costume. Even as the weather has gotten cooler, the outfit can become uncomfortable.

But Rush said the inside of the costume is not as disgusting as some may be led to believe.

“It’s really not as gross as people would think,’’ he said.