‘Own your look … be comfortable and confident’


For high school girls, trying to decide on what to wear for the night of the Sadie Hawkins Dance on Saturday, Feb. 4 is a big decision.

Julie G. Evans, of Karats & Keepsakes on Forsyth Road, met with Stratford Gazebo staff writers Arya Datta and Rania Akbar to give some fashion and accessory advice for the night of the big dance.

“You are going to want to wear something that is not bothersome or worrisome,” said Evans. “You want to be concentrating on having fun with your date and your friends, and you don’t want to worry about if something is not quite right. …¬†One thing I like to say is when you put on your outfit and walk out the door, you want to own your look. You want to feel comfortable and confident.”