A creepy story for you

Senior Alex Stefanis shares a story she wrote in her creative writing class in 2016


Three letters, a chance to get it right.

I have become accustomed to the messages he leaves, but today, things are different. Today, the letters are running down and becoming blurred stains. I could go, but nothing says he will not find me again.

Alex Stefanis

There is no way to know if this is a trap.

So, I stay, and wait for the lights to go off.

The flickering continues slowly, brighter, then dimmer, and brighter again, then off. When the lights finally come back, I see that the message has disappeared, and he has left me a present. I like presents.

It is a video camera, with the most recent recording looped on the screen. I feel my lips curling into a smile as I lift it and stare down at the screen. In the small rectangle, I can see myself wandering through an empty hallway. There is something in my hand, but I don’t know what it is.

I have never seen this hall, but I must know where I am going, there is confidence in my stride. Finally, I seem to reach my destination, a room at the end of the hall.

Minutes later, I emerged, my clothes stained with blood and carrying something that resembled a human arm. ”

— Alex Stefanis

As I left, the blood left a trail behind me.

The tape skips, and I am back in my bedroom, using the blood that stains my hands to write a message on the door. R.U.N.

I set the camera down and cross to the door, to investigate the scene outside. Before I can, the lights go out again.

When they come back on, I am laid out on a table, strapped down by two belts. I can hear a man’s voice above me, “I cannot do anything else for you, darling, I am so sorry.”

I feel a sharp pain in my arm and a cool sensation floods my veins, after a few minutes, the lights go out again, but they do not come back on.