Reflecting on an amazing trip

Reflecting on an amazing trip

This past summer,  I went with my family on an amazing trip with some other friends.

When we left Macon in July, it was about 90 degrees. When we got to Kenya, it was 50 degrees. Surprisingly, it was actually cold.

When we got there, we went to our friends’ house for some dinner. When we arrived at the hotel, it was nice and warm. The next day, we went to explore Kenya, and went on our first game drive.

A game drive is safari with REAL wild animals. Lastly, we ended the day at a new hotel –a tent hotel. The scary thing about it was the fact that it made so much noise at night.

The next day was very special because it was my mom’s birthday. That day, we went on a early game drive.

After that, we went to a hotel to eat lunch. I was walking to a table, and a rude boy bumped into me and told me to move. My mom got mad at him.

After lunch, we went to the maze, and we also went to the playground. Finally, we played big jenga, which is basically a game with blocks stacked in a certain way. You remove one block at a time, and whoever makes the stack fall loses. 

Another fun thing we did that day was that we went to the equator. This mentor showed us and experiment about how the water pulls at the equator.

On our last game drive, we saw a rare incident. A rabbit was running away. We also went on a hot air balloon, and saw the animals before the sun rose. After that, we saw a small leopard.

We made a side trip to Tanzania then headed back to Kenya. When we got to Dubai we saw the famous buildings. It felt so weird because we were always used to feeling cold, but Dubai was 105 degrees. All we did was relax in the hotel, shop at the mall, swim on the beach and swim at the pool.  

This trip was so amazing! We went on a lot of game drives, saw a leopard, went to the equator, went on a hot air balloon, and went to Dubai to see a famous mall, and saw the Burj Khalifa, which at 2,722 feet is the tallest building in the world.  

I am extremely thankful for this trip, and wish to go on these again.