Finally my time for no more ‘metal mouth’


When my orthodontist told me in late February I would be getting my braces off, I was beyond excited.

I had worn my braces for two and a half years. Most of my friends already had theirs off, so I was ready for it to finally be my turn.

When my mom and I went to make my appointment, they said that it would be a couple of months before they could get me because they only do these type of appointments twice a day, and they were all booked.

I was crushed. I was really hoping I would be able to get them off before spring break. The lady at the front desk was really nice and said that she might be able to fit me in somewhere sooner, but she would have to check with my orthodontist. She came back with great news: a spot had just opened up only two weeks away.

Ever since that appointment, I was counting down the days till I got them off. I was scared  I would go in and they would tell me I’m actually not ready to get them off, and I would have to wait a little bit longer. Even though I was a little nervous I was also very excited.

On March 12,  I woke up very excited, today I would get my braces off. Not only that, but I got to miss science and math class for the appointment. After what seemed like the longest two classes, my mom picked me up and we headed to the orthodontist’s office.

When I got there,  I was even more nervous than before. I was afraid my teeth were going to be stained or that I just wouldn’t look good without braces. After a long wait, they finally called my name.

They began by taking the brackets off. I was worried that this part would hurt but it did not at all. Then they scraped the glue off my teeth, which I did not enjoy. It made a loud noise that sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

It didn’t really hurt, but it was kind of uncomfortable. Next, they drilled my teeth to get the rest of the glue and to shape them. My teeth felt so weird and very slimy. Then I went to take X-rays, but they wouldn’t let me look in the mirror because they said they wanted it to be a surprise.

Then they had to take impressions for my top retainer and put in my permanent bottom retainer. Finally, they let me look in the mirror and I loved them!

They took new pictures which were definitely an improvement over my pictures from fourth grade which were pre-braces.

I was so excited to get to school to show all my friends. They were all surprised because I hadn’t told a lot of them about it. Overall, I am so excited I finally have no more metal in my mouth and I love my smile.