Stuck in the middle

The pros and cons of being a middle child


Being a middle child isn’t technically a very annoying thing to have to deal with.

I have a younger sister named Mariam. We are 11 months apart.  I have an older brother named Haaris. We are a year apart.

We do weird things without people noticing, because no one is really paying that much attention. Like when you tell a funny joke, they aren’t paying attention at all. You always get stuck solving problems and arguments between your other siblings.

Nobody really cares, or listens to your side of the argument, and  they also never let you finish your sentences. Especially when you have a good point.

Nobody really cares.  They listen and nod to the other side of the argument. You also get blamed for everything, and you purposely try to stand out so you can be noticed.

Because you’re not the youngest or the oldest, you have to have an arsenal of special talents to prove how awesome you are and get your parents’ attention.

Most people cannot relate. They are either younger, older, or only child. But then again, you can get away with so much more, because all the focus is on the youngest and oldest.

The one biggest pros is I get new clothes, and my younger sister often gets my hand-me-downs.

I would have loved to have been the oldest, because I wouldn’t have to worry about any of my siblings helping me.  A pro is  when you have a project to do, your siblings have already done it. You could get some ideas for your project.

Despite all of the hardships, I wouldn’t trade my siblings for anyone else in the world, Not in a million years!