Talking to Nurse Debbie … and visions of Sean Malhotra

When you get your wisdom teeth taken out, there's no telling what you'll see or say

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Talking to Nurse Debbie … and visions of Sean Malhotra

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“I’m sorry I’m being so annoying Nurse Debbie.” I said this about five times after waking up from wisdom teeth surgery.

I’m sorry that I asked you to marry me. (I know your already married and I still have another year of high school.)

I have no idea what I told you after this, but I apologize. I know this is another day at the office for you. 

The first thing I remember after I woke up was Nurse Debbie talking to me. Obviously, I was saying some crazy stuff. She just stared at me and walked off.

Soon after that, she tried to help me get into a wheelchair and roll me to my Mom’s car. But I thought my legs were paralyzed, and I laid back and tried to fall asleep again.

Then I had a sudden realization. I saw Sean Malhotra standing above me. It was the weirdest thing ever, but I thought I saw him. (I don’t know if I tried to debate him.)

I even told Nurse Debbie about seeing Sean, and I just continued rambling about who knows what.

I got into my mom’s car and began to chill out.

I told my mom about the Sean vision on the car ride home, and we both started dying laughing.

I started thinking more clearly and started to get more feeling in my body. That’s when the pain started to set in.