A year of change is coming


The upcoming year will be full of change because I will be the only child left at home, and I will become a sophomore.

I only have one sister, Josie. Soon, she will graduate on May 24. She will be attending the University of Alabama.

She moves in on August 8, leaving the house to just my mom and me.

Next school year will be very different without her there. Josie is extremely extroverted and makes all conversations a bit more lively, so dinners will be a lot quieter.

Breakfast will be different, as well, because my mom will only be making one plate of scrambled eggs and not two. I have gotten a sample this year of breakfasts without her, on the days she has sleep-in, and it’s pretty lonely.

I am not looking forward to Josie leaving, but there is one change this summer that I am looking forward to. On June 23, I turn 16, and I may get my license as soon as June 25.

I turn 16 just in time of Josie leaving. Most of the rides I have received in the past year have been from her, as my mom works full time and is very busy.

In the fall, I will become a sophomore. For me, sophomore year will be very different because of Josie leaving and the new classes I am taking. Next year will be much more difficult compared to my freshman year. I am taking two accelerated classes, one AP, and pre-calculus. I am very excited but very nervous at the same time because I have been told that pre-calculus is the hardest math class at Stratford.

Next year will be full of new experiences, while I will miss my sister, I cannot wait for the 2019-2020 school year to come.