Freshmen retreat filled with fun, frolic

Have you ever heard Taylor Gumbart rap?

Students at the freshman retreat got the “treat” of watching their fellow ninth-grader perform on Friday, August 23 at the Amerson River Park.

“I loved rapping faster than the actual song and yet everyone still understood me…I think,’’ Taylor said.

Taylor was one of 69 ninth-grade students who attended the annual retreat on the banks of the Ocmulgee River.

Freshmen from six home rooms (and band) were joined by 21 Peer Mentors, three Pep Club Presidents and several teachers and administrators on a warm. sunny morning.

Students participated in team-building exercises such as blind-folded musical chairs, Pep Club cheers,  elves, wizards, and giants, water balloon sheet toss, blind-folded bandana hunt, pipe and tennis ball game, ping pong ball challenge.

At break, math teacher Mr. Preston Earle noticed students were getting sodas reserved for lunch. He asked them to wait and drink water. When he realized not everybody brought cups for water, he drove to Kroger and picked up ice, cups, and plastic water bottles

“I benefited because I got to go sit in the air conditioning of the car and Kroger,” he said.

 Band director Ms. Laura Voss entertained several students with her special talent. 

“Ms. Voss’s juggling was…epic,’’ freshman Isabella Burrell said.