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Matt Newberry
Matt Newberry is a senior and has been at Stratford Academy for 14 years. He is a first-year Gazebo student and is currently a Staff Writer. Matt holds multiple leadership positions in school activities such as captain of the Swim Team, Honor Council Chair, Pep Club President, Key Club Vice President, Drama Club President, Student Leadership Board Representative, Literary Magazine Lead Editor, and more. His favorite thing about school is the people, and his least favorite things are lunchroom carpet and the new phone rules. Matt often spends his time working at Jeneane’s at Pinebrook, pet sitting and house sitting, playing with his dogs, cooking, jamming out in the car, and hanging out with his friends. At some point in his life, Matt wants to travel the world, become fluent in Spanish, go skydiving, and buy a house in the mountains. If Matt could have one superpower, he would want the ability to fly, so he wouldn't have to deal with bad drivers and pay for gas. 


-Arya Datta

Matt Newberry, Staff Writer

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