Kindergarten students continue gingerbread hunt tradition

The 19 students in Mrs. Kathy Larsen’s kindergarten class took part in the annual gingerbread hunt on Friday, Sept 27. This is the 21st year Mrs. Larsen’s class have been part of this tradition.

The students started in Larsen’s class and discovered that her room had been trashed by the “gingerbread men.” 

They first visited the lower school and the classrooms of first-grade teacher Mrs. Pat Herndon, fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Wendy Woodcock, and Head of Lower School Dr. Kelly Causey. They continued collecting clues in thee middle school to visit Mrs. Donna Ellison, and Mrs. Irene Whitaker.

The students then went to science building to visit Mr. Luke Harrington and Mr. Ross Bridges before heading to the library and the journalism classroom of Mr. Ed Grisamore. 

The last stop was Head of School Mr. Logan Bowlds’ office where he told them a story, the students helped Mr. Bowlds clean his office. He gave them candy, and a batch of gingerbread men to take back to the preschool to decorate.