Guessing Game has become ‘cult classic’


“It’s once again time for G-Money’s Guessing Game.” 

That is what I say every time I start G-Money’s Guessing Game. The game evolved lasg year when I told journalism teacher Mr. Ed Grisamore about my love of trivia. He brought up the idea to me to start doing the guessing game, and then we started filming it. 

It is one of the coolest things I have ever done, and it makes school fun for me when I film the game. 

Mr. Grisamore calls me the “trivia king” of Stratford Academy. 

It became a huge hit around the school.

Mr. Gris thought it became a “cult classic”.

 I loved doing it and I still love doing it. 

I love coming up with questions for the game with Mr. Grisamore.

My favorite questions are the questions about sports, but I love every question that has been featured on the guessing game. 

The questions have ranged from how many years was it in between Tiger Woods fourth and fifth Masters victories  to how many spaces are in the pit. 

It became a huge hit because everybody was interested in what question I was going to ask next.””

— Graham Hefner

A.J. Stevenson and I would have a blast filming the game, and I have always had so much fun with the game.

We have added some new awesome features to the guessing game this year.

We have added the feature where I catch the mic and then start the game, which I love because it makes the game more fun. 

I also love the feature that we added where I throw the mic back to someone and walk off doing the money hands. 

I love doing that because it describes me because I love money. 

I love doing my game because I am Graham “G-Money” Hefner. 

I love G-Money’s Guessing Game.