Impatient about getting my license

I have been waiting forever to turn 16. The majority of my friends are already driving. I’m a very impatient person. 

It’s difficult to be one of the last to get my driver’s license. I feel bad making them blow gas money on me. I also am uncomfortable making them go out of their way to drop me off or take me home.

 However, I live in the center of Macon and around most everything I do. I never am really out of the way. 

Another reason I cannot wait is because both my parents are super busy, and when I do not have something right after school, I end up waiting on my parents to pick me up. Now, since I am a sophomore, it is a little embarrassing to have to wait with all of the middle schoolers to get picked up. It really aggravates me. 

 I also end up having to do homework and look at my phone while I wait because I have no one to talk to since like I said earlier, all of my friends are already driving! 

I also have a little brother named Thomas, and he is 13. He always needs help getting him to and from places, so I could help him without having to rely on my parents or someone else. It is quality bonding time for us.

I also babysit a lot because I love kids, so it is difficult for parents sometimes when I do not drive. The kids sometimes need to get places, and I cannot drive them anywhere yet. 

I cannot wait for April 20. I am so excited!