‘Bachelor’ worth watching or waste of time?

Bachelor worth watching or waste of time?

This year was my first year watching “The Bachelor”, and I can’t decide if it was worth watching, or if it was all a waste of my time. 

A few of my friends have been watching the Bachelor franchise shows for years, and have always gotten super into them, but never had really been interested. This year, they convinced my other friends and me to watch it with them. On the premiere, we all went to my friend Taylor’s house to watch it. 

I didn’t really know what to expect other than a serious amount of drama. However, I didn’t realize quite how much drama would be in only the first episode, and I didn’t know how the show would suck me in like it did. Only thirty minutes had gone by, and one girl had already brought in a cow, girls were already getting into cat fights, and one girl bawled about how every girl there was “too pretty.” After watching the first episode, there was no way I wasn’t coming back to watch the next one. 

Every week since then, my friends and I have all gone over to Taylor’s house to watch that week’s episode of the Bachelor. We added more people to the viewing party every week, and every week we brought insane amounts of food. 

Elizabeth always made buffalo chicken dip, and sometimes twice-baked potato casserole. Somebody always brought chips, salsa, cheese dip, and some kind of dessert. People laughed at us for making such a big deal out of each episode, but we had so much fun doing it, and I know people were just jealous of all our food. 

Since the beginning, we all picked our favorite girls and were constantly predicting the ending. Being nosy, a few of us, including myself, found a spoiler that told us who the last two girls left were going to be, so we had an idea the entire time who would be going home. Being an impatient person, I couldn’t wait until the end to find out. The spoiler ended up being completely true. 

There was one girl in particular everyone loved, and most other Bachelor viewers also loved. She was one of the two left at the end, so I knew she was going to be safe for a while. Her name is Madison Prewitt, and she’s from Auburn, Alabama. She was a very sweet, reserved girl, and she didn’t cause any drama with any of the other girls at any point during the show. This was what made everyone love her and want Peter to choose her. 

However, my favorite people to watch were the super dramatic girls who didn’t even do anything but add drama to the show with Peter and the other contestants. They were so fun to watch and laugh at. A lot of people think we take “The Bachelor” seriously, but it’s honestly just a good laugh to see these girls flip out over the smallest things. You can say “The Bachelor” is trashy and wrong, but you have to admit it’s interesting. 

The two-part finale took place a few weeks ago, and my friends and I were more ready than ever. We brought more food than we ever had. We even got a cake with the final two girls’ faces on it. We were prepared. The show ended exactly how I read it would end, but it was still upsetting. I had hope it would end differently, but it didn’t.

I was so unsatisfied with the ending. Peter, the bachelor, ended up with neither of the girls. The whole point of the show is for him to find his wife, and he ended up single. Basically, the entire season was pointless. I was devastated. I felt like I had devoted so much of my time for absolutely nothing. 

I guess it wasn’t all for nothing, though. Watching “The Bachelor” definitely gave me great examples of how not to act. The girls on this show were ridiculously dramatic, and some of them just went on the show for fame. They dressed inappropriately, and they were very rude to each other. It showed me exactly how I don’t want to act around other people. That is certainly not a good way to find a husband, judging from the fact that Peter didn’t end up with any of them!