Fried chicken? Sweet tea? Country cooking not for me

Fried chicken? Sweet tea? Country cooking not for me

Country music is not the only country thing I hate. Coming in at No. 2 is “country” food. Now, some foods are really good like mac and cheese but that’s about it. 

Fried chicken is definitely the worst. I don’t understand how people like to eat it. Even the skin of the chicken is gross. I’ve never had the chicken from KFC, and I never will. There’s something about the crust on the outside that really freaks me out. When I think of fried chicken, I just think of all the grease and fat it has. I love chicken, but not fried chicken.

I also dislike sweet tea. I will admit I used to like it when I was younger. However, now I don’t want to be near it. I always remember when I lived in Dothan, Alabama. I always would get sweet tea from Red Elephant, a local restaurant. I used to think it was so good.

I don’t want anything to do with it now. I can’t remember the last time I ordered sweet tea.

What about barbeque? I’m not a huge fan. Ribs are decent, but I can’t have a bunch of them. Barbeque sandwiches? Not my favorite. I especially dislike the soggy bread and pulled pork, or whatever meat is in it. They just are not a good combo. Barbeque chips? I’ll pass. Lays barbeque chips are the worst. They’re so thin, and the seasoning is overwhelming. 

Pecan pie… yikes. The filling on the inside? Terrible. I don’t know who invented pecan pie but they messed up. The weird gelatin texture is repulsive to me. Even the crust is odd. Pumpkin pie also gets a no vote from me. The one time I ate it, I threw up. Never eating that again. 

Though all I’ve written about is what I don’t like, there are things I do like. I love pasta of any kind. You name it and I will eat it. My favorite is definitely spaghetti, it’s a classic one but it’s the best. It’s even better if you add some garlic bread on the side.