Working for local eye doctor opened my eyes


This summer, I had my first job. I worked with my grandmother who works for a local eye doctor.  I worked with her in the contact lens/ glasses department. 

I answered phone calls, called patients back, filed records, and helped pack up and move from the office on First Street near the Navicent Medical Center to a new building on Riverside Drive next to Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen.  I learned how to speak to patients, how to examine images of the eye, and how to do a corneal topography.

Over the summer, the office was getting prepared to move, so I spent many days packing up files from both the doctor’s side and the contact lens side.

I worked every weekday this past summer when I was not on vacation. I have worked some this school year when I have not had school. During the school year, I started working on the doctors’ side of the office. I scan a lot of paperwork into the computer.

I am glad I have had this experience. I have wanted to be a nurse for a while and this job has furthered my interest in the medical field. I know that I do not want to be an optician. I love my job and I am thankful for it, but I have learned that I do not want to work in this specific area of the medical field.