You can call me Caroline. Or Jelly Bean. Or Deuce …

All my nicknames are special to me


I have quite a few nicknames that are special to me. The first is Jelly Bean. I know, it is kind of odd but there is a story behind it. On Easter Sunday when I was about 3 years old, my parents could not find me anywhere. They looked for hours. 

My parents did not know if something bad had happened to me and were extremely worried. Well, it turns out that I was hiding from them for hours under our dining room table, eating a bowl full of jelly beans. I did not come out until I finished them. From then on, my family has called me Jelly Bean. 

Another nickname I have is Deuce. My father gave me this nickname. When I was growing up, my soccer number was always No. 2. My first year of travel soccer, I choose that number because I was the second child in my family. The nickname Deuce has stuck with me since then and is used by my father as well as teammates and friends. Some have even changed Deuce to Goose. 

 I have plenty of other little nicknames that different people have given me for fun. All our special to me in some way. 

 Almost everyone has a nickname. Some are more significant or different than others, but we all feel the need to have one. It is interesting how much nicknames mean to us. They can define a person. They can be a good or bad thing. Nicknames are able to give someone a certain reputation or representation of themselves. 

Nicknames develop strong bonds and connections with others through the judgment of that person. The debate of whether nicknames are a good or bad thing is up for grabs. 

So, go make that connection with someone. Or go online and make one for yourself. Either way, get a nickname that satisfies your social desires.