Hold the mayo, ketchup, mustard …

When I marry the man of my dreams, I hope he puts up with my picky eating habits


My eating habits are definitely quite bland compared to most people. What many don’t know about me is my deep hatred for any type of condiments, whether it’s ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, or ranch. My least favorite condiment would definitely have to be ketchup. When I tell people  I despise ketchup or any types of condiments, people usually respond in a surprised manner. 

“So you eat your fries plain?” is also a common question asked. And to answer that question truthfully: Yes, I do eat my fries plain. The creamy texture of ketchup and its smell just makes me gag a little on the inside, but I never discourage people around me from eating it. I just try to keep my distance from ketchup as much as I can. 

I remember trying ketchup for the first time, expecting a wonderful taste because all my friends and family liked it. I was at Chick-fil-A, and I decided to dip  my waffle fry into my sister’s open ketchup packet. Then, once it was put in my mouth, I immediately gagged and spit it out. After that, I was scared to try ketchup again or any condiments for that matter.

I still eat my fries plain, but I have learned to tolerate condiments a little more. For example, I do eat Zax sauce every now and then, most likely if the fries are soggy and need a little more flavor. 

Many restaurants mess up my order if I ask for a plain hamburger. My typical order is a hamburger that is medium cooked, with just the meat. Occasionally, I’ll spice my order up with lettuce and bacon, which usually leads to ketchup accidentally being added. I prefer no cheese on my hamburger because I commonly feel sick after I eat both the beef and cheese together. 

I also eat my sandwiches from Subway completely plain, with just the turkey and cheese. I prefer no mayonnaise on my sandwiches, and I can’t help but laugh at the surprised look on the workers face after I order. I hate the texture of mayonnaise, and the taste is too sour and sweet. 

When I marry the man of my dreams, I hope he puts up with my picky eating habits. Since opposites attract, we’ll have to come up with a compromise when he wants condiments and I don’t. Maybe by then, condiments will grow on me a little more. But, for now, my picky eating habits are still very relevant.