Give me some of that ‘Old Man Music’ any time

Widespread Panic. Allmän Brothers. The Grateful Dead. Vintage music is my passion.


When I play music with my friends or in a public space the feedback isn’t always what I wish it was. Many times I get responses like “dude what is this old man music?” or “turn this garbage off”. 

Through the years my friends have tried to get me to “hop on the new wave” of hip-hop and rap but that music just doesn’t make me feel the same way as bands like Widespread Panic, The Grateful Dead, and The Allman Brothers just to name a few. 

The love for this type of music began at a young age listening to the bands and songs with my Dad in his truck. I always acted like I didn’t enjoy it in front of my Dad, I wanted to act defiant but later on I couldn’t hide from it anymore. 

The first vintage band I can remember listening to was the Allman Brothers Band. Being from Macon, it’s hard not to like or at least know about the famous group. The Band spent a large portion of their careers in Macon and four members are currently buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon. 

The song “Midnight Rider” was the first Allman Brothers song I knew. Arguably the band’s most famous song, “Midnight Rider” is a hard one to miss. 

Falling in love with the Allman Brothers eventually led to me enjoying the beautiful music of the Grateful Dead. I had heard of the band before because of my Dad but I never enjoyed the dead as much as I do now. 

My love for the Grateful Dead really started only a few years ago when I was in middle school. Looking up the songs “Uncle John’s Band” and “Casey Jones” after hearing them in the car with my Dad eventually leading me to finding some of my favorite songs now such as “Eyes of the World” and “Sugar Magnolia” just to name a couple. 

Out of all the bands I’ve discovered from the generations before me, from the two bands I’ve listed to Creedence Clearwater Revival, none have gotten my attention as much as Widespread Panic  got mine when I found my love for their music. 

My love affair for Widespread Panic started only somewhat recently since I’ve been in high school but it feels like I’ve been listening to the band my whole life. 

But it’s not just the music that makes this band so special. The band is from right here in Georgia. Widespread Panic was formed in Athens in the early 80’s and took off around the time my Dad was in college in Athens. 

Given that he was in Athens during their climb to fame, he is a fan as well and gives us something to easily connect about. He tells me stories about the times he’s seen the band play live and talks about how great it was. 

But this past Christmas my dad gave me the gift of seeing the band live for myself. 

Widespread Panic had a three night concert set at the Fox Theatre during the days leading up to New Years. I got to attend night two with my friend Jay Lee where the band played two of my favorite songs, “Ain’t Life Grand” and “Pleas” two of the band’s most iconic songs. 

I will always be so “Grateful” that my Dad introduced me to such great music and gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Widespread Panic live in Atlanta.