Jobs give high school students ‘sense of responsibility’


High school students should have jobs. Although most have very busy schedules and participate in multiple sports, having a job as a teenager is a great lesson and a way to spend your time. 

Having a job while in high school teaches students time management, obedience, as well as responsibility. Having to work at a business during the valued free time also helps young adults develop a sense of the value of money and the difficulty of earning a dollar.

 For most teens who are given whatever they want, having to work a 10-hour Saturday job making minimum wage teaches them to develop a work ethic. Another important lesson is the everyday interactions with people of all ages in different situations.

 I recently was hired at Sorella, a clothing store in Macon on Forsyth Road.  I work at Sorella every other Saturday from 11 to 4 with one of my close friends, Evie Tharpe. We open up the store in the morning and close in the afternoon.  Between opening and closing, we help customers, organize the store, dress mannequins, and update the store’s social media platforms. 

We enjoy working there because it gives our Saturdays meaning and a task that is productive. In addition, working at Sorella inspires us to have a responsibility and interact with customers.