I won’t let knee problems ruin my life

Recently I have been plagued by a knee syndrome called J-sign, which is a common problem in teenage girls. When I flex my knees, my kneecaps pop out of place and go outward, unlike following the forward plane as they should. 

My knees have popped for a while, but I just thought this was a normal problem for everyone. However, both knees, especially the right one, really started to bother me a couple of weeks ago. Since the basketball cheer season ended, I was going to OrangeTheory almost every day of the week. Then, there was one day that I noticed my knees were hurting more than normal, but my mom told me that it was probably because I needed new shoes. 

Although when I got new shoes and went back to OrangeTheory, it seemed as though they hurt even worse. There was one day when I had to leave during the middle of class because it was so painful, and that was the last time I went. 

My mom and I agreed it would be best if I took some time off before cheer tryouts, which were coming up, because I did not need to injure myself before then. I took about a week and a half off, but even then, my knees still hurt. It was then that my mom called OrthoGeorgia and we  made an appointment with Dr. Slappey.

After a couple of x-rays at OrthoGeorgia we determined that nothing was wrong under my kneecap, but that my kneecap was the real problem itself. Dr. Slappey told me about my problem and that it is very common among teenage girls from 15 to 21, being that this is the most hormonal stage of their life. He ordered for me to avoid stairs, lunges, squats, and other activities that put unnecessary pressure on my knees. 

He also told us that there is a surgery for it, but that it was something I would not want to get until completely necessary because of how long and terrible the recovery period is.

Then, he sent us downstairs so I could meet my new physical therapist, Pam. She comforted me by telling me that she had the same problem when she was younger, but after she turned 20 or 21 the pain went away.

Now, I have to keep my right knee taped, as I have overworked and aggravated it. I also have to attend physical therapy twice a week to get retaped and practice exercises to strengthen my muscles that will protect my knee. I am currently icing my knees around the clock, working exercises on my own time, and trying to keep off them as much as possible.

Though having this problem is troubling it could not have come at a better time with the Corona Virus quarantine. Now, I am at home all day, so it is easy to keep off and rest my knee. It is also convenient so I can do my physical therapy exercises whenever I want to. 

Also, since school is cancelled, cheer tryouts are postponed so now I do not have to worry about trying out with a hurt knee. 

A negative, however, because of the quarantine, is that I cannot see my physical therapist anymore. Now my mom has to tape my knee, which is a bummer because she is much worse at it than Pam. 

Overall, while my J-sign knee is unfortunate, it’s definitely not anything life-ruining.