Country Country is more than just running


When you think of cross country, you think of an endless amount of hard running, right? 

Well, it can sometimes feel like that. 

I joined the cross country team in seventh grade thinking that it was something different. As hard as the sport is, I have loved being on the team. I’ve learned many lessons, made many friends, and now have an endless amount of memories to share. 

I’ve learned to push myself harder and believe in myself. If you had asked me about this a few years ago, I would not have done any of that.

 Every season, it starts in early August and ends in Late October or early November. While we might hate how hard our coach pushes us at practice and how hard we run during meets, we like staying in shape for whatever sport we play next, whether it be soccer, track, or baseball.

 Every year we go to Disney World for a weekend in October to run a meet there. We then run around the parks the rest of the weekend. Disney is one of the many reasons why I joined the team. 

But, we haven’t been able to go the past two years because of Covid. Even though we weren’t able to go, I’ve still had a fun time running at school. We ran in our region meet on Oct. 27. The girls won for the fourth time in a row, meaning we now go to state on Nov. 6. 

We have won the region meet for four years now, which is amazing for our seniors on the team. Although we’ve all had our moments while running for the team, we’ve made close friendships and many favorable friendships that we will never forget.