A dozen reasons to get fired up for the Stratford-FPD rivalry

(Photo courtesy of Stratford Academy.)

1. EAGLE PRIDE:  It’s not just about a rival opponent. It’s about us. Be there early for the walk-out (and to get a parking place!)

(Photo courtesy of Stratford Academy)

2. ARCH RIVALS:  First Presbyterian and Stratford are like Georgia vs. Georgia Tech, Alabama vs. Auburn and Coke vs. Pepsi. Enough said.

3. BRAGGING RIGHTS: This is the game you must live with for 364 days. Win and you’re happy. Lose and you have to live with it.

Strattford to FPD distance
(Screenshot courtesy of Google.)

4. NEIGHBORS: It’s 2.0 miles from doorstep to doorstep down Peake, Foster and Tucker roads. But it’s even closer “as the crow flies.’’ The distance across the interstate and through the woods from the end zone of Stratford’s stadium to FPD’s goalposts is .75 miles. (Thanks, Google Earth.)

5. EVEN CLOSER: After 39 games in the storied rivalry, the overall series record is 19-19-1.

frank malloy photo (1)
(Photo courtesy of WMAZ-TV)

6. TAILGATE ON TV: Stratford has been selected as the location for Channel 13, WMAZ-TV’s Tailgate of the Week. Frank Malloy and his crew will broadcast “live” from the Stratford campus at 5 p.m. The cheerleaders and band will be there. Pep Club members will offer face-painting and tattoos.

IMG_0006 (1)
(Photo courtesy of Stratford Academy)

7. NAVY OUT: All the Stratford fans will be wearing their Navy colors for a “Navy Out.’’ On the FPD side, they’re having a “White Out.’’

8. DON’T GO HUNGRY: While the Eagles chew up the Vikings on the field, there are plenty of tasty choices at the Stratford concession stand. There also will be pizza available at the student tailgate party before the game. (Mascot? Click here for some food for thought)


(Photo courtesy of Stratford Academy)

9. HOUSE DIVIDED: There are many crossover allegiances in the rivalry. Families from both schools have kinfolk with ties to the “other” school. Read Gazebo staff writer Hadley Neal’s column

(Photo courtesy of The Telegraph)

10. ABOUT THAT FENCE: After last year’s thrilling 28-21 victory, Stratford’s  student section was so excited, they trampled a chain-link fence at FPD and rushed onto the field.


(Photo courtesy of Stratford Academy)

11. BATTLE OF THE BANDS: While FPD has a nice band, the Eagles boast the largest marching band in Stratford history. On Friday night, they will perform with the color guard to the tunes of “Night at the Museum,’’ “Fossils,’’ and “Scheherazade.’’

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.08.47 PM
(Photo courtesy of Stratford Academy)

12. GOOD OLD-FASHIONED HATE: There are reports our rival has been holding a “Hate Week.’’ We don’t “hate” FPD. We just “love” beating them.