Soccer isn’t for everyone, including me


Elizabeth Sellers, left, with teammates Josie Lamb and Sara Kate Durkee

I play basketball and run track. I am in clubs and other activities outside of school. Hanging out with my friends, laughing, and watching movies is what I really enjoy.

Sadly, soccer is not one of those.

I am always up for trying new things and branching out. It is nothing against the team, the coaches or Stratford. It is just the sport, soccer.

Ever since I was little, my mom always signed me up for intramural soccer (SISL) in the spring, and made me go. I always refused to go in and rarely played. Growing up,  a lot of my friends played soccer. I would go to their games after a spend-the-night party and was never intrigued.

Playing soccer (and watching it), kills me. I never understood anything, until my sophomore year of high school.

Something came over me or something was wrong because my sophomore year, I decided to play soccer. It was a great learning experience for me, but I would not do it again. The team was amazing, and gave me a way to learn more about my teammates.

The coaches helped me learn more about the game, which is actually very interesting. I kept books for the soccer team almost every game, and played in three games. I had no footwork at all, but I was fast. I used that to the best of my ability.

Soccer, for me, was a huge learning experience. I now know the game of soccer a lot better than I did before. I can keep the books for any soccer game now, and I learned a little bit more about teamwork. 

Soccer was great, and might be for some people, but it was not the sport for me.