Learning from home effective, but left feeling isolated


Distance learning is not how I expected to spend my first couple weeks of senior year. 

I expected to be reunited with all of my friends, see my teachers for the first time in five months, drive to school for the first time, have senior privileges, and overall enjoy the start of my last year at Stratford.

My parents made the decision I would take my classes online for a couple weeks to ensure that Stratford and its students follow guidelines without an outbreak. I understand why, but it has been difficult for me to isolate myself at home when my friends get to go to school. 

I am social, so it makes me happy to see my friends and classmates. In all my classes, I am a vocal and active student. Through live stream, I can still attempt this, but it can be frustrating.

Over video, the stream of class can be at a delay. Sometimes, what I have to say does not have the correct timing. Then, in other instances, a teacher will be speaking to me and I will not know it. When one of my classmates speaks in a specific class, it can become hard to hear them. If the teacher does not repeat what they say, I get lost quickly.

Staring at a computer for hours is not something I enjoy. Approximately, it adds up to 10 hours or more depending on how much homework I have. Most days, I wake up early in order to get started on work. So far, I have only done one virtual tutorial after school. It is hard to focus in tutorials when I have been sitting for the majority of the day. At home, it is even harder. When I go for my daily walk, it feels odd to be outside.

Despite some difficulty, Stratford’s distance learning program is effective. Simultaneously, teachers have been accommodating to both distance learning and the in-person students. 

Technologically, it has been running smooth for most of the time. I hope students will make the switch temporarily if they feel they need to, or show any symptoms of the virus.

It is undetermined when I will return to campus, but I am hoping it will be soon.