VOICES: What will you do with your extra hour this weekend?

Daylight Savings Time officially ends this weekend, which means everyone will “fall back” and regain the hour we lost in the spring. The Gazebo staff asked Stratford folks to ponder what they will do with that extra 60 minutes … besides sleep, of course.

“I’ll take a late-night hike since the sun will be out” — Sachin Khurana, senior
“Since its getting cold outside I’ll probably knit my cat, Pearl, a nice, fluffy sweater.” — ­Josie Coleman, freshman
“I’m gonna go outside and experiment with a magnifying glass and some chocolate chips.” — Cochran Lee, sophomore
“I’ll ride my bike” — Tori Dover, sophomore
“I’ll use that hour to party hard” — Allie Edwards, junior



“I’ll birdwatch” — Caroline Durkee, sophomore
“I’ll watch ‘The Office.’ ” — Coleman Rozier, sophomore









“Play ‘Just Dance’ with my neighbors.” – Molly Groves, freshman
“I’ll probably just watch Netflix” — Valentine Grinstead, junior




“… Mud Boggin” – Jamie O’Quinn, freshman
“I’ll probably be waking up at 4 a.m. and go running.” ­– Mr. Ben McLain, upper school Spanish teacher


“I’m going to play with puppies!!” — Maimee Henderson, freshman


“I’m going to watch Netflix with Anna from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.” — Custis Donner, senior
“I’ll chill with Anna from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.­” — George Dunwody, junior


“Hang out with my two favorite guys, George Dunwody and Custis Donner!” ­– Anna Durso, freshman



IMG_7497 (1)
“My extra hour? I’ll still be thinking about what to say for this poll.” ­ Jessica Gratigny, junior