VOICES: Friday the 13th and plenty of other superstitions



“Normally on Friday the 13th, Halloween or something like that I check the back seat. Once, I watched ‘Chuckie’ on Halloween, and he was in the back seat and choked the driver.” ­ Jacob Burke, junior


“Black cats, cutting nails on Monday mornings or Friday mornings. That’s it.” ­ Om Sakhalkar, junior



“I would say my astrological sign. If I read my horoscope and it says I’m going to have a bad day or something, I’m like ‘This is gonna happen.’ Is that superstitious?” Amelia Foulkes, sophomore


“Maybe like a mirror breaking. It’s scary because Bloody Mary could pop out and hurt me!” ­Layne Davis, freshman


“I actually do believe in ghosts. I did not believe in ghosts before watching ghost adventures. But, after watching ‘Ghost Adventures,’ I completely, 100 percent believe in ghosts. A lot of people believe that ghosts aren’t real but if you watch ‘Ghost Adventures,’ it is undeniable proof that ghosts exist.”
­ Walker Gibbons, junior


“Probably when a black cat crosses the road. That always creeps me out. I feel like something bad is about to happen.” Caroline Durkee, sophomore

922B6270-6677-407E-AC9C-55C8FE67E1F5“I guess opening umbrellas inside. That’s something I never do.” Betsy Hill, freshman


“Walking under a ladder because that’s just dangerous.” Charlie Giles, freshman

42135ECC-848C-47E7-B35C-CD04C4417ED2“Does karma count? Because I really believe in karma.’’ Maimee Henderson, freshman

C51C76B8-1FFC-4ADC-BF96-F323CC6457D1“Sports. I always wear this undershirt on our lacrosse games.” Sushil Patel, senior